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10th September 2016 | check-in 12:00-13:00

Meta Mate Bar in Berlin


Date: 10th September 2016 | check-in 12:00 - 13:00

Location: Meta Mate Bar, Straßburger Str. 16, 10405 Berlin (Google Maps


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Feedback and Ideas

You would you like to contribute to the event? Great! Contact us:

Coffein Hackathon 2016

The coffein hackathon (or caffeine hackathon) is a one-of-a-kind hackathon, organized by a small group of caffeine enthusiasts, namely the makers of Guaraná Brause, Meta Mate, and friends. Since 2013, we organize a yearly BarCamp-style coffein hackathon with talks, food, drinks, and hacking sessions.

Call for participation

Let us once again come together to talk and hack. We are currently assembling a program and need your input: please send us an e-mail if you have an idea or suggestion, if you would like to give a talk or contribute in any other way.


The schedule is work-in-progress...

Submit your Proposals

You have an idea for a talk, project, or roundtable discussion? Send us an e-mail: So far we have collected the following proposals:

Proposal #1 by AbriNation: Drinks and functional food hacking (@abrination)

I would like to hack all kind of drinks again! Starting with non-alcoholic drinks to energize ourself for the day. In the evening I would like to hack all types of cocktails you can imagine. Very late night I would like to continue to hack on an draft idea about a "calm down" drink/product. As an output I would like to publish all recipes of the day under CC-BY-SA licenses.

Proposal #2 by Krithika: Cooking with Mate & Guaraná (@MetaMateBerlin)
  • GuaranaBrauseGranolaBomb - An easy to mix up energetic bomb rich with nutrients. (Yoghurt, honey, guarana brause and planty musli)
  • Everyone enjoys a pizza at some point or another and why not perk it up with some raw mate? This is the mate hacking recipe for the not so cullinary inclined, we will bake your favourite pizza with raw mate sprinkled on top.
  • We promise to bake a mate cake and put the recipe on the site, and there will be lots of diy mate making happening
Proposal #3 by Abraham & Fabrício: Mate-Bier

We would like to share with you the latest news and version of Mate-Bier (yes, the Mier revival!) We are looking forward to our official first testing with you together and to receive your feedback.

Proposal #4 by Fabrício: Hack your self panel(@oinfiltrado23)

Hack your self panel. Meta Mate explains + and - of caffeine use, our best praxis and open to share other views and praxis

Proposal #5 by Fabrício: Share MetaMate data bank(@MetaMateBerlin)

Share MetaMate data bank. On the first hackathon was made a data bank to describe the different Mate. This time we propose a data bank to share where and with whom to share a mate. Future is to have an app, but know the idea is an web based tool using google maps where meta materos can add a location and time great for drinking mate, with options point out payed access to hot/cold water or toilet as well to public access of water and toilet. Another wished feature is the contact of local meta matero and where is the closest shop to buy mate.

Proposal #6 by MetaMate: Mate DIY(@MetaMateBerlin)

Mate DIY; Limonades and Mate Biers - A workshop to get to know different tastes of mate and ingredientes (Jujos) to be used with, recommended dosages and all kinds of fun and testing possibilites

Proposal #7 by Anonymous: new tools development

Water termperature measurement, impact, new tools development. The thermo injury of too hot water counter balances the extraction of caffeine and other healthy ingredients. Meta Mate can give some tips on how to deal with the water and accessories, but there are room for new developments by the heater, by the conservation of heating, on the drinking vasel and at the bomba. Some trials have been done at Fab-Lab and the possibility to make a tour there and have this session hold on their coop space is to be tried out

Proposal #8 by ... you!


Impressions from Coffein Hackathon 2013 - 2015